Roll labels

Roll labels


Roll labels are labels or stickers that are wound around a core (as opposed to sheet and slit back labels, which are presented on a flat surface). Roll labels are easier and faster to peel and apply in automated workflows, which is why their popularity is growing throughout many industries.
Roll labels can be printed on a number of different substrates. The most common ones are paper, polyester, and BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene).


Roll labels come in both standard and custom sizes.
Our standard sizes range from as small as 1” x 1” to as large as 5” x 5”.


The following quantities are available:

Roll labels qty.png

Standard Shapes

Roll label shapes.png

Custom Shapes

Custom shapes include any shape that is not listed above. This also includes squares and rectangles with rounded corners.


We offer 3 different substrates for roll labels. Within each substrate are different stocks.

In total, we have 19 different stocks.


Paper Stocks

Paper labels are popular and cost-effective. They come in several different colors.

Our paper stocks are:

• White Bright Paper Permanent
• White Bright Paper Removable
• White Opaque Paper Permanent
• White Semi-Gloss Litho Paper Freezer Permanent
• White Litho Paper Wet-Strength Permanent
• White Classic Crest Paper Wet-strength Permanent
• Estate #4 Paper Permanent
• Silver Foil Paper Freezer Permanent
• Pink Fluorescent Paper Permanent
• Red Fluorescent Paper Permanent
• Green Fluorescent Paper Permanent
• Orange Fluorescent Paper Permanent
• Yellow Fluorescent Paper Permanent



Poly (polyester) labels are the most durable.
They have high heat and abrasion resistance as well as UV stability.

Our polyester stocks are:

• White Poly • Silver Poly

Poly roll labels are commonly used for the following purposes:

• Warning labels
• Handling instruction labels
• Outdoor equipment ownership labels
• Labels for submersible products
• Machinery branding
• Security stickers for windows
• Bumper stickers
• Certification and award stickers

Roll Label BOPP.png


BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) labels are made from waterproof and UV-resistant plastic film.

Our BOPP stocks are:

• Silver Brushed BOPP Permanent
• White Gloss BOPP Permanent
• Clear BOPP
• White Gloss BOPP Freezer

BOPP roll labels are commonly used for the following purposes:

• Small business product branding
• Charity fundraiser stickers
• Health product packaging and branding
• Cosmetic product packaging and branding
• Food and beverage packaging and branding
• Cannabis product labels
• Contact information labels
• Election giveaways
• Trade show giveaways

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