Info on how to set your files up with bleed and when and why you need a bleed. 

The Edges of your print are important. Slight variances in the processes mean the paper might not be cut exactly on the cutline.

On a small piece like a business card there should be no text or graphics within 1/8 in of the edge of the final size of your piece. This is the margin type safety. (border)

Larger pieces will require a larger border.

If your piece has background image or colour extended it 1/8 in past the cut line. This is the bleed.

Here is also a link to Wikipedia with a further explanation.  



This is an example for a standard 2 x 3.5 in business card. 

Green line is the cut line and is the final size of the product.

Youtube video on setting up Bleeds

Youtube video on bleeds