Pearl Paper Postcards


Pearl Paper Postcards

Pearlescents 110lb

Pearl paper stock has a smooth, metallic shine due to the iridescent fibers infused into the pearl paper. Often referred to as pearl shimmer paper, this stock has a unique aesthetic appeal along with its distinct texture.



Pearlescents 110lb

What is pearlescent paper? Pearlescent paper is a subtly shimmering paper stock infused with fibers that show up as tiny metallic specks.


Print on Pearl Paper

Our pearlescent paper printing allows the shimmer in the pearl postcard to shine through ink. Areas of the paper that have no ink look like they have silver dust brushed gently over them.


Elegant Pearl Postcards

When held under the light at certain angles, these elegant pearl postcards appear to glitter, making them look like they were printed on stardust. It’s no wonder pearl paper for wedding invitations is so popular.