Durable Postcards

16pt Tear / Waterproof Stock

Waterproof postcards made from this premium synthetic paper retain ink rain or shine. Non-toxic, tear-resistant and 100% recyclable, these durable postcards are sure to differentiate you from your competitors.


16pt Synthetic Paper

This smooth and matte synthetic paper is as durable as plastic but is recyclable and non-toxic, making it a great choice for customers who care about both durability and the environment.


Waterproof Printing

Not only is our durable stock waterproof, but so is our printing. The ink on these wholesale waterproof postcards will never run, so they can be safely used to communicate information in wet climates.


Tear-Proof Postcards

These tear-proof, waterproof postcards won’t tear or get dog-eared. You can now print outdoor documents or menus without worrying about damage from frequent use.